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Beautiful girl next door with long slender legs

Beautiful girl-next-door Alisa from captivates the imagination with her gorgeous long slender legs.  From the very first glance at this pure-hearted innocent babe you know she is the kind of girl you could happily introduce to your mom.  You can’t really say that about a lot of girls that parade about outdoors in their home town buck-naked all the time, but lovely wholesome Alisa breaks the mold on that account.  I think she probably broke the mold that created her amazing ass too, you just never see a firm ass like that anywhere but above this brunette darling’s lean legs.

Honestly, look at it!  Her perky bum is some kind of divine gift from the heavens; it is awe inspiring.  It is like she has a couple of grapefruits in there and I absolutely love it.  So many sexy thoughts come to mind looking at this tight little butt.  I just spent 15 minutes imagining what it would be like to spend an entire evening headbutting those wondrous athletic buns.  I have no idea why I would want to do that yet the inspiration provided by Alisa’s sublime buttocks does not always make sense.  The smooth teen pussy nestled so closely conjures a whole other set of fantasies…

It is easy to see why beautiful girl-next-door Alisa is a favourite nude model over at and its free tour, with her natural good looks and gorgeous long slender legs how could she not be?

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Stunning young babe bares her beautiful legs

Stunning young babe Anya from seduces with her beautiful naked legs.  Any day with the awesome Anya in it is a good day.  Every time I see her there is some new feature to her gorgeous look that I find myself drawn to.  With this set it is the top of her legs, i.e. her ridiculously round teen ass.  She has always been rocking an exceptionally curvy pair of hips but the juicy firmness of that sweet ass of hers really takes center stage on this day.  It is the kind of sexy behind that is so perfectly shapely you just want to bury your face in it an take an eternal slumber in its athletic meatiness.

Her curvaceous legs and bum are made all the better by how incredibly lean and slender her waist is; an explosion of female sexuality.  When it comes to the bottom half of a nude hourglass figure, this adorable brunette babe is hard to beat.  Her firm and flawlessly formed medium breasts make for a pretty damn appealing top half too.  And all this breathtakingly gorgeous nubile femininity is topped by one of the most charismatically innocent pretty face anywhere.  When this girl laughs and her cute cheeks puff out she becomes just about the most precious little sweetheart you have ever feasted your eyes on.

If stunning young babe Anya and her beautiful naked legs are to your liking (and they must be) then check out much more of her as well as the huge library of other amazing nude models at the free tour.

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Lovely young nude opens her long pretty legs

Lovely young nude girl Michelle from opens her long pretty legs while outdoors on some yacht.  The most accurate description of this natural, tight babe’s look would be classically beautiful.  Her tall statuesque figure and regal bearing seems reminiscent of the idealized portraits of Queens and Empresses of yore.  Not what they actually looked like of course as they were likely yellow-toothed hags by today’s standards for the most part.  Artists have been known to embellish when their heads are potentially on the chopping block.

The fanciest of ladies would have tributes immortalizing their elegance and position carved from blocks of the finest marble.  In their minds they likely thought of themselves as resembling this gorgeous brunette babe with her taut athletic body and firm medium breasts.  I know that a ‘Rubenesque’ figure was deemed popular as it was the shape taken on by these powerful ladies of leisure, but come on, no one really wants to look at a flabby statue with saggy boobs.  This leggy babe’s body type, whether posing playfully on her tip toes or on all fours with legs spread eagle, has always been the real preferred female form.

You can get a further sampling of the tight babes, such as lovely young nude girl Michelle and her long pretty legs, available from at their free tour here.

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