Beautiful girl next door with long slender legs

Beautiful girl-next-door Alisa from captivates the imagination with her gorgeous long slender legs.  From the very first glance at this pure-hearted innocent babe you know she is the kind of girl you could happily introduce to your mom.  You can’t really say that about a lot of girls that parade about outdoors in their home town buck-naked all the time, but lovely wholesome Alisa breaks the mold on that account.  I think she probably broke the mold that created her amazing ass too, you just never see a firm ass like that anywhere but above this brunette darling’s lean legs.

Honestly, look at it!  Her perky bum is some kind of divine gift from the heavens; it is awe inspiring.  It is like she has a couple of grapefruits in there and I absolutely love it.  So many sexy thoughts come to mind looking at this tight little butt.  I just spent 15 minutes imagining what it would be like to spend an entire evening headbutting those wondrous athletic buns.  I have no idea why I would want to do that yet the inspiration provided by Alisa’s sublime buttocks does not always make sense.  The smooth teen pussy nestled so closely conjures a whole other set of fantasies…

It is easy to see why beautiful girl-next-door Alisa is a favourite nude model over at and its free tour, with her natural good looks and gorgeous long slender legs how could she not be?

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